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Hi Rick,

Lured here by the smell of yaks, I'm going to revive this thread since a) I used to live in SF; and b) I love this painting.

The light in particular is to die for. My favorite imagery is that involving light. But here, the way it plays off the bottles, gives the whole scene a sense of permanence. Odd, isn't it, how the changes indicated by lighting, light being constantly in flux when daylight is involved, give a picture a sense of the Eternal? For me at least. By capturing what clearly is a bright but fleeting moment, you make it feel permanent. In a sense, the artist is creating a visual memory for the viewer. It's especially true for representative art, although I suppose abstract art could do the same on another level. I prefer this type of art.

The woman walking away has a white gleam of eye, added to the look on her face, which makes her appear unhappy or disgruntled. I love the brown shadows and the color scheme. It gives a strong indoor/outdoor contrast, where the outdoors floods in via daylight. I feel as if I've been there. Maybe I have, but forgot. The scene has interesting elements in it.

I suppose the difference between art and poetry in the workshop is that I see a painting as a finished work, and can't imagine my saying "could you cut out some of the more clichéd images like the heart-backed chair?" (I don't mean it either -- I love the heart-backed chair!) And then you post a revision without it. "Oh no, it was better with it in. Can you put in a rattan table as it's more West Coast?" Scrape, scrape, retouch, oops, etcetera. I mean this is a major difference, since with poetry it's no biggie to cut and paste and redo. Maybe this is why people don't crit the art. Not sure what the artist is looking for. In any case, you've probably already got a show together at the Met. Which Met, don't tell me. This has already been spoken for. These things sell like hotcakes, I know. So you posted in May and yet it's not too late? Good, because if I'm going to buy art, I'll start right here. I also love the striped awning outside and the hint of whitish things outside. Matches the guy's T-shirt. It all looks so coherent. If only life were such. >Sigh<

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