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Okay, honest reaction--no criticism intended!

This painting strongly reminds me of early childhood experiences of being at a birthday party, carnival, or Disneyland...and getting so overwhelmed by the abundance of sensory input (beautiful colors, sparkles, patterns, details, etc.) that I couldn't process it all, and started sobbing. Loudly. I ruined a lot of family outings by throwing meltdown tantrums and begging to go home. My sisters still resent me for it.

I think that the barrage of beautiful elements will have very positive, festive associations for most people. For me, though, the sheer volume of busy festivity makes me nervous.

I'm slightly less nervous if I focus on the more organized parts of the painting, as if I'm looking through a microscope at diatoms, and am able to demote some parts of the scene to irrelevant background. I'm aware that I'm missing a lot of the beauty that way, though.

Clearly the above comments say more about me than they do about your painting, Sharon.
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