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Unread 02-06-2015, 12:36 PM
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Hi Stephen,
I'm totally out of my depth on art and photography, so this is a totally unqualified opinion. I don't like the sidebbar pic at all. It looks photo-albumish. The blurred backdrop of the field and trees is interesting. It has a muted look like certain era of paintings, while the horses stand out in stark and solid relief.

Your horses are absolutely beautiful. I was trained to ride english and western when I was young by a horse trainer who knew all the ropes and taught me just a tad of them. I wasn't allowed to even ride until I'd learned to care for the horses, their hooves, grooming, saddling etc. I admire anyone who is expert on it all and isn't intimidated by these magnificent creatures. I've been bucked, poggo-sticked, reared, and treed. I never really got over my intimidation of them and they always know it.

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