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Remember, on a previous thread, I mentioned "Not to design is to design by default"?

Allow me to clarify this.

To design is to consider and make decisions about an aspect of a piece.

What aspects of a piece is the artist responsible for? Everything. Tone, value (light vs dark), line, color, emotional content, focal point, composition, cropping, scale, texture, depth, light, gesture, rhythm and so on.

If you let any of these slide into default you get a horse appreciation snapshot.

So ask yourself, is this the best crop that could be done, with the black horse cut off? How about focal point, where do you WANT the focal point? How can you subordinate the other areas? Is the brightness and contrast where you want it? Does that blue tarp really belong there? Is it the best angle of these horses? Are you having them lit to the best advantage? How does the background relate to the foreground?

Don't let any of this be default please.

Another thing to consider is that a piece of art should have emotional content, by it's artistry. It's not enough that horses are cool and a horse lover will have emotional response because there are horses. You need to show the beauty of a horse. It's the same as the "show don't tell" aspect of poetry.

The only way to "show" this emotion is to be feeling it while you work on the piece, and maybe, maybe, it will come through to the viewer, because you will not be around to explain to every viewer why Sonrisa and Twiggy are so cool. It has to come through in the piece.
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