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Unread 02-10-2015, 09:14 AM
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Hi Stephen,
I'm happy to see that you are giving these issues some more thought. I would love to see all the images so that we can compare them as they are work-shopped. Would you mind if I went into your original post and put the image in the thread? Then you could go into edit and see how the code is done. It's fairly simple.

I am liking this image better overall but part of me is sad to see the black horse gone. Its strange how a simple change of color can completely change the meaning from powerful glistening muscles to ghostly. The whole image has more cohesion now though.

The tarp is still bugging me. Do you know how to fix something like that? What graphics program are you using? Gimp is very nice and free, however it is mainly for use on the web. PhotoShop has all the functions for print media. Not having PhotoShop myself, I use Gimp and if quality printing is needed I just take my files down to Kinkos and convert them.

Some options would be:
~Select only the tarp and then, in the color menus, shift the hue. Or
~Using the "clone" tool, replace the tarp with another part of the background. (you could lose the fence that way too if you wanted.) Or
~Using the eyedropper tool, pick up some of the red and introduce it into other areas of the image. You can set your paintbrush to be semi-transparent.
Or, if you like it, keep it. It's your piece. Always try new things on a copy.
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