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Default Rilke, Buddha in Glory

Buddha in the Mandorla

Center of all centers, core of cores,
almond self-enclosed and ever-sweetening—
all of this, from here to all the stars,
is your fruit’s flesh: we bid you greeting.

Look, you feel how nothing any longer
clings to you; your shell is infinite,
and the strong juice extends there, pressing it.
A radiance from outside makes it stronger,

for up above, ablaze and full, your suns
have turned around to face you. Yet
in you already something that
endures beyond them has begun.

Title was "Buddha in Glory" and then "Buddha in a Mandorla"
S2L3 was "and there the strong juice reaches, pressing it."

Buddha in der Glorie

Mitte aller Mitten, Kern der Kerne,
Mandel, die sich einschließt und versüßt, -
dieses Alles bis an alle Sterne
ist dein Fruchtfleisch: Sei gegrüßt.

Sieh, du fühlst, wie nichts mehr an dir hängt;
im Unendlichen ist deine Schale,
und dort steht der starke Saft und drängt.
Und von außen hilft ihm ein Gestrahle,

denn ganz oben werden deine Sonnen
voll und glühend umgedreht.
Doch in dir ist schon begonnen,
was die Sonnen übersteht.

Literal translation:
Buddha in Glory (Buddha in the Halo)

Center of all centers, core of cores,
almond that encloses itself and sweetens—
all this out to all the stars
is your fruit-flesh: greetings to you.

See, you feel as if nothing clings to you anymore;
your shell is in infinity,
and the strong juice extends and presses there.
And from outside a radiance helps it,

because high above your suns have become
full and blazing and turned around.
Yet in you already has begun
what lasts beyond the suns.

Note: The image of Buddha is sometimes portrayed circled by an almond-shaped halo or mandorla.

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