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Default Mystery. R.P.Lister.

The Mystery of R.P.Lister.

I found “The Revolutionaries” by accident, picking up a second-hand copy of the 1978 New Oxford Book of Light Verse chosen and edited by Kingsley Amis. I had never heard of R.P.Lister, but it struck me how snugly he would fit in to this "Robespierre" thread and this Sphere.

I went in search but could Google little biographical information.Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. Born in he must be in his late nineties if still alive. Perhaps living in Australia now. I have found no trace of an obituary. He is described as “travel writer, poet, novelist.” He appears to have been widely published in the fifties, sixties and seventies. I have the New Yorker link, Janice, and it is tantalising. Does anyone have their subscription to this archive and can access these poems?

I have ordered a copy of his book “The Questing Beast”. It’s only a few pounds, but I have no idea what it is: poetry, travel or fiction.

His books of poems include “Allotments”, “The Rhyme and the Reason”; his novels “One Short Summer”, “Rebecca Redfern”, and books on Herodotus, Ghengis Khan and travels in Turkey.

Does anyone know any more?

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