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Yeah, and now that she has taken up so much space, there is no room for all our genuine poetry we have that challenges the status quo.
Erm...since I didn't say or remotely suggest this, I don't understand what the sarcasm is directed at. There is infinite room and space for all kinds of poetry and all kinds of audiences, I was just giving my take on the sort that Amanda Gorman mostly seems to write. Because that's the topic of this thread. I think it's a kind of inspirational, feelgood poetry and so it was perfect for the occasion. (She may well have more range than this, as I pointed out in my last post). It doesn't do much for me, but I completely understand your, and America's*, need to simply 'feel good' right now, at least for a bit. You've had a lucky escape and are probably still delirious, like when you almost fall off a ladder and then don't.

Something about this kind of thread just pisses me off. I get what your saying but we have had so much shit here from morons and thugs plus the half million dead bit. I just think there are times and poets and dynamics when threads like this make sense. This ain't one.
Bit confused. Are you saying it's in bad taste to say anything less than entirely complementary about Amanda Gorman's poetry right now? I assume you also think any criticism of the work of Garth Brooks and Lady Gaga is to be similarly temporarily frowned upon.

Sorry if my contribution pissed you off, Andrew, but there's no personal offence taken at my end. I've come to accept the fact that I'm 'tone deaf' (I think that's the phrase) and try to embrace it.

*Apart from the 74 million people who voted for Trump.

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