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One more for tonight, just cause I love it. I think Brandy Clark is a very good songwriter:


I ain't been drinkin', but if I was drinkin'
I think I'd be drinkin' bourbon
And right now you'd be a blur
And I wouldn't hear a word
'Cause I'd be good and drunk
That's for certain

I ain't been smokin', but if I was smokin'
I know I'd be smokin' weed
When you blow all our money
I'd laugh, it'd be funny
'Cause high as a kite is where I'd be

I love you, baby
But sometimes, baby
You dance on my last nerve
And I get an insane kind of urge

I ain't been cheatin', but if I was cheatin'
That's right I'd be cheatin' on you
I am just daydreaming
Thank God I ain't been cheatin'
'Cause if I was I'd be losing you

I ain't been drinkin', smokin' or cheatin'
'Cause if I was, I'd be losing you

David R.

(I'll be back later with some Margo Price.)
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