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A good bump, Maryann!

I don't like syllabics unless they persuade me by other means. This comes, in part, from my counting tens of thousands of syllables, one by one, for some graduate work on a projective test in psychology*. They are too easy to write, for me at least. But Michael Hulse, the editor of a magazine that published me (among other oblate Spheroids), the lamented Leviathan Quarterly, wrote some things that positively stank of skill, and when I praised them as somehow near to what I was attempting with ancient meters, he shrugged it off and replied that they were syllabics only. Previous posters here have identified other syllabic successes. There is another slightly parallel thread going( Successful Syllabics? ) that picks out other examples.

Forums. On the question of what the Forums of the Eratosphere should contain, my views, as a relatively new mongoose among top predators here, mightn't carry much freight. For one thing, I don't know enough of the history of TDE and my own recent readings have probably not been wide enough. But from day one-and-a-half it seemed to me that some sort of allowance for S T R U C T U R E , as such, ought to be available for the deepest consideration, as in TDE.

The great wolves drink there in TDE. Even if not in TDE, shouldn't they flash their eyes over syllabics, etc., somewhere? A Serious Syllabics Forum?

Also, a Forum for "structured verse" might be founded at some future date, parameters and limits to be defined.


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