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What's going on, Rick? You're quite familiar with the history of art, you are well aware of the long and venerable history of Modigliani and his models/lovers and Picasso and ditto, and all the scores and scores of painters and their fleshily endowed, or less often lean and vulpine models, but always there, in any corner of Paris, at any time during the past several centuries. And you go with l'Institute de France? Repeatedly (well, twice, anyway.) I suppose New Jersey will do that to a man (at least it's not a refinery, and it is Paris, but it's still sad.)

Having had my fun - some comments. You've really flattened your palette on this one (although the sky is wonderful, and might leap out at you on the actual painting) and my initial reaction was that it wasn't really interesting. But then I realized how much smaller this was than the earlier one, and for this size I think it works fine. I suspect that on a wall - as opposed to on a screen - the sky is intense. Is it a one-off, or are you considering a series of similar pieces? Whenever I see pieces this small - even more so when they're smaller and locked in a oversized frame - I seem to think of how three or so would look together. (Let's face it, I can't draw - at best, I'm a decorator.)

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