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Originally Posted by Orwn Acra View Post
In what was maybe one of the greatest Eratosphere threads ever, he once posted a perplexing two-line poem in Met that immediately prompted several pages of argument over
  • whether or not it constituted a poem and if so whether it was good poem
  • the history of the short poem
  • what obligation the writer has to readers in terms of clarity

with no word from its creator. Several days later he returned having been somewhere with no computer access to find he had accidentally copy and pasted only the first two lines of a much longer poem.
That's funny! I don't remember it. But I remember something a bit similar, the time when Tim posted a new unpublished Richard Wilbur poem wherein one of the quatrains stood out for not having a rhyme. A long discussion ensued, with the majority opinion emerging that it was a brilliant move that only the great Dick Wilbur could pull off. A couple of days later, Tim apologized for the typo and corrected the line, which now rhymed. I think that sort of benefit of the doubt is only accorded to poets perceived as extraordinarily gifted, so it's a tribute to Mr. Kerrigan than he could be in that category.
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