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Unread 09-12-2015, 01:59 PM
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I thought the computer art was really interesting, and was an odd contrast to the sad guitar in the background. The simplicity of a guitar strumming along a bit lazily with the striking, bezerk (at times) very close to abstract paintings, with their near-impossible smooth textures (the tip off it was computer animated) was actually pretty great. I think I felt like a butterfly or hummingbird honing in on a flower with my ultraviolet-perceiving vision. Very cool. I've subscribed to Art in America for years, and my wife's a visual artist - this still stood out as pretty singular / unique among the many images I've spent time with over the years. I think the music contributed greatly, but several of the images were really captivating, especially some that seemed to be almost representational, less so the abstract ones (if they weren't abstract, they seemed so).

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