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Julie, I think "Advent" might be ambiguous, but I have taken your suggestion of capitalizing "Coming," because I do think the Second Coming is being referenced. I suspect that Rilke is implying that the angel already senses the Second Coming as if it is happening. Perhaps the idea is that time is not really a linear experience for an angel. I have also taken your suggestion to make "what you bear" into "loads you bear," so as to be more specific. Though it is puzzling when Rilke switches from "he" to "they" in talking about the angel, I see that as a related issue. If angels are outside of time, perhaps they also are outside of the whole singular/plural distinction. But I do not think that Rilke is implying that you are wrestling the "burdens." His take on Biblical stories is always interesting and original, but I feel certain that contact with the supernatural is implied there.

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