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Dear Mr. Pepple, One of the best points in your revised guidelines is that most Eratosphere staff have jobs, in addition to running Eratosphere. I have frequently noticed, in life, that ALL clubs/societies/interest groups are composed of three categories:
1. The people who form committees and do all the donkey work.
2. People who use the facilities and appreciate the extra work put in by people in category 1.
3. People who spend their time nit-picking, complaining and taking constant pot-shots at people in category 1. I think you'll find that a fair proportion of these DON'T have jobs. That's why they have so much time for whinging.

Go on and prosper, sir, you and all your colleagues. You do a fine job, as far as I can see. A little more acknowledgement of that from the general membership wouldn't come amiss.
Peter Wyton.
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