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Shaun, transparency remains in the usual Eratosphere conversation forums and for threads deemed suitable to be moved from those forums to Eratosphericals. See . Yes, we're for transparency, but that's not an invitation to flame the Sphere to ashes and bury it's main focus of poetry and critique, because after all Eratosphere guidelines still apply in all cases. What we're done is simply strike a fair balance between all these sometime conflicting requirements. Dear Moderators and Dear Administrators provides everyone with something beyond PM -- a mechanism for having a personal discussion with all moderators or the administrators, without overwhelming them with a free-for-all. Furthermore, it's private nature between member and staff allows frank exchanges that are not always possible in a public setting. Finally, as much as some don't mind broadcasting such discussions to everyone, there are others members who prefer to keep them confidential.

As I've stated in earlier post, we cannot please everyone here due to differences in beliefs and temperament. The best we can do is find the best compromise and I believe that's what this new system is.


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