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Originally Posted by E. Shaun Russell View Post
My final little salvo on this topic then:

If a thread doesn't disappear, but gets moved behind closed doors, out of the sight of forum members, isn't it rather the same as the "tree falling in the forest when no-one's around" musing? In other words, the thread will still be disappearing...just disappearing to a small room with only the moderators to view it.
No, Shaun, you've still got it wrong. It will reappear in the main forum of Eratosphericals, where ALL registered members with access privilege will still see it and be able to continue posting to it. (See Maryann's dummy moved thread there titled, "A test post, to be moved" as an example.) It may be a lot of details to absorb at first, but I'm sure it will also become clearer and even make sense with use.

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