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Default Possibly in bad taste

Where to go on vacation

England came to mind.
Except I was born into a nation of rude shopkeepers:
why bother.
Then I thought of Paris, the continent!
However, the smell of piss on cobblestones is universal
so what would be the point.

The big cities of North America appeal.
But Iíve had a gun thrust in my face before
so there is no need to go there.

A sunny beach in Mexico would be nice.
Although, they say the toot around here is laced with violence enough.
I can save myself the trouble.

Possibly some oriental magic: Tokyo, Beijing
or even old Mandalay.
But I must admit it doesnít matter where you live
smog is smog with only the occasional acidic variation.

Nope, thereís no need to travel anywhere exotic
everything I need is here.

I will holiday at home.

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