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Originally Posted by ross hamilton hill View Post
Roger you might want to look at my representational works, 'imagined seascape' on page 2 of the list of works is one of my best. You might also like to read some of the comments about my work here, I have posted about 7 items. Most comments are appreciative but I don't expect to thrill everyone.
OK, I've looked at 'imagined seascape', and in my opinion it is somewhat better than what you've posted here, but only by a hair. I don't think this is the place for me to go into detail explaining my lack of enthusiasm.

If you feel you can only benefit from "appreciative" comments, and your response to less enthusiastic comments is "I don't expect to thrill everyone," I suppose I don't understand the function of this forum. There must be a critical vocabulary available to make the case that there's more going on in these pictures (and in the imagined seascape) than I'm seeing. I do not rule out the possibility that someone who takes the time to explain what I may be missing could actually teach me something and lead me to appreciate this more. I have benefited from "art appreciation" courses in the past, and the teachers didn't just order me to like things, but instead offered insights that helped me to see what I had been overlooking.
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