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Unread 04-10-2015, 11:29 AM
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I looked at 'Imagined Seascapes' as well when I read your suggestion.

It also reminds me of Outsider Art, not a negative in my book. I think that in any kind of art, whether written or visual, the reader or observer wants to be able to take his own experience and relate it to that which he reads or sees. And isn't that what we, as artists, want to have happen with our audience?
'Imagined Seascapes' requires less of me in order to understand it; it is something identifiable. 'Alice' requires more of me: It requires that I look beyond the identifiable toward the use of color, shape, texture, movement. I think immediately of my great love of black and white photography that requires the same of the viewer.
'Imagined Seascapes' is nice, but I like 'Alice' better because it is more open-ended. 'Alice' allows you to look and imagine more outside the box. To some, 'Alice' will be like art made by a child; aren't all of us visual artists child-like in seeing what we see and not as our grown-up minds tell us what we're seeing?
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