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Please remember, folks, we are critiquing the video, not the individual images, because the video is one work. Let's discuss the images only in how they relate to, add to, detract from the video as a whole. The "art" is really incidental to this. What if it was a film about waste management? I'm not saying Ross' art is not lovely, just that it's not the point for this critique. Is the video well made? cohesive? is it sequenced well?

Later, if Ross wants to post images one at a time, we can go into detail about single pieces.

Michael, you said, speaking of commenting about the art..."believe me - I don't believe that my comments would help our relationship." I am assuming this means you don't like Ross' art. Ok, well, brutally honest comments are what will save this art board from being a vanity board. We NEED that.

Will you please critique this video as a single piece and use that skillful, scalpel tongue of yours to the art forum's benefit, speaking only of the video and not the videographer? Pretty please?

James, the term "voice" is used in visual art too.

Lorraine, I completely agree with you about the contrast of the images to the music. This seemed disconnected to me on my first viewing. I plan to watch it again and see if I like it or not.
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