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Unread 08-27-2019, 02:44 AM
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Good evening Ralph, Mark, and Andrew,

And thank you for stopping by.
Ralph: glad you like it! Thank you.
Mark: "Be honest. Would you be saying that if I, or anyone else, had told you how wonderful it was?" Yes, I would. I tend to be honest, as best I can determine, and am being so here. The poem's had its time - a good solid week at this point - and I am happy for it to slide. I'm happy with where it's got to, it is considerably improved. I'm posting a new poem in a moment, as it happens.
Andrew: you are quite right. I should post more on poems I think fail, to explain why I think they have failed. I like to send out happy and encouraging vibes, within the limits of the possible. Perhaps that's the teacher in me. But it's good to encourage people to do better, as we see it. Then they can take it or leave it. OTOH, my aunt never said a rude word about anyone, in the fifty-plus years i knew her. If she had nothing positive to say, she was silent.

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