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Good morning Anka,

And thanks for stopping back. To address your points in reverse order:
Heaven. I have removed the word still, which I believe will solve the issue you note. I'd wanted to indicate continuity of sacrifice from Khnum to us (Julie's argument), and actually, I think the word persist in the previous line does just that, still was redundant. Moreover, your point that while Egyptians had a sky goddess (Nut), and had a heaven, the two are not contiguous, is quite true. So still has two reasons to have to go.
Second, the crown. I could write "this crown" to address your concern, but I find that heavy-handed on the page. I know authors like Virgil or Homer better than Egyptian sources, but Virgil for instance is quite comfortable saying "the such and such reveals this particular god," which at the end of the day is precisely my construction. *This* crown, which is specific to Khnum, confirms for the curious that they are looking at Egypt's demiurge. That's how they'll know. Further, you are quite right: all Egyptian gods are pretty old. But this one's age is underlined for us by the fact that the horns on his head are the only remaining trace of a species of sheep that became extinct millennia ago. It all comes down to taste, but I think "he's not young" to underline that point is warranted.
Bottom line: thank you for pushing me to think about these questions. Still in particular, from my perspective, was quite wrong and I am glad to have removed it.

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