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Yes, I agree about the music. I played it muted too.

I also agree that if I had to watch this every night it would drive me bonkers, the amazing David Cerny, Kafka sculpture too. (thanks for posting it Julie) Luckily, we can watch it once and move on to cat videos or flash mobs.

I hope it doesn't grind. The idea that they never really touch each other is part of the point.

I'm just giggling right now about "Unconditional Surrender" because it holds a special place in my heart. Several years ago I was going down N Harbor Dr. past the Midway. Through the trees I spied the back of the nurse's heel, that's all, just this back of a heel, and I knew instantly that it was about Victor Jorgensen's famous photo. The flash of recognition felt good, as if I were Sherlock. The real slap that real nurse gave the sailor might have felt good too. The masher!
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