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I have looked through the subjects of this challenge many times now, but find nothing there I can say anything about worth reading. However the discussion about Matisse's cut-outs is interesting.
Why should Matisse keep painting even if he could? Why should an old artist not be respected any longer if he gives up oil and canvas, etc.? Until you are old you can not know how your art will change with age. It takes energy to make art.
I adamantly do not think that there is art in everything or that everyone can make art if only they work hard enough at it. Matisse's birds are enjoyed partly because they really are very nice, and because Matisse made them, and Matisse was a fine artist. Picasso made not so admirable pottery and untold numbers of quick sketches, a lot of them only significant because Picasso made them. Like Matisse's birds, Picasso's insignificant work is significant because Picasso was a fine artist. Their 'easy art' is still their art.
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