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While I appreciate the work you've done on this, you still don't seem to grasp the basic point--there was a general groundswell of anger against certain moderators, as well as a concern with over-moderation in general, and the reaction was to squelch it, because, apparently, "What would the neighbors think?" Well, those who actually resided here for some time felt that they were subject to too much interference and a habit on the part of the Administration of writing a new rule every time "something" (often fairly minor in itself) came up. What we have here seems to be symptomatic of an unresponsive and, frankly, repressive board culture, which seeks to curb the excesses of the very recent past (which is something, I guess) but does not get to the root of the problem--namely, that many long-time members felt that their grievances were not being taken seriously, and that they were being hounded publicly, encouraged to respond privately, and having private correspondence held against them.

In the interests of "working within the system," I attempted to log into the Eratosphericals area to register my thoughts according to stated procedure, yet my password did not work. Hence I'm stating my position here.

As for whether this is a temporary return or a more permanent one in my case remains to be seen.

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