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I'm practically an original member, and I was the original moderator, so I just wanted to add my divided thoughts. On the one hand, being a moderator here is tough and I stopped doing it because I just couldn't take the childish abuse any more. On the other hand, I have experienced problems with a nasty moderator, and took a year-long sabbatical until that person left as a moderator. There's clearly merit on both sides of the complaints.

My conclusion is that we have to try much harder to leave the flaming culture of the Internet at the door and try to be a lot more civil to one another. I believe it was Aristotle who rejected the theory that the venting of anger released it. Regular venting of anger just trains you to be better at being angry, which is why I never approved of opening up General Talk to explosive nonliterary issues. Accordingly, I'm dubious that a special board to continue some of these savage debates is really a good idea, though I admire Alex's intent.

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