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Rain, rain, thunder and lightning! I'm happy for Jayne, Ann, and all the formerly parched Brits here now that it's streaming down your windows! Someone very close to me had her house endangered by the Colorado fires for weeks and, in addition to a fire break dug around their town, the rain fell and put out the rest of the fires. Such a great ending to a deadly story... now we need to hope for California's relief as well.

My good news? Was entranced by a concert of Sufi songs a few nights ago, outdoors at Poets House, nyc. It was superb! A spiritual high and totally beyond words. Good crowd there too, sitting on the rocks of beautiful Teardrop Park in Battery Park City (as well as on chairs). Only a 1/2 block from the Hudson, behind the Poets House building, with delicious breezes. Fortunately musician-singer-translator (from the Persian) Amir Vihab also provided commentary and some of the Persian words/lines plus some English translations. Would love for Poets House to have more events like this. Here's more about it: