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Reading between the lines I'd say our tastes differ somewhat (to say the least). But that's fine. No need for the full punitive wrath of a vengeful God to be visited...

When all is said and done, all the poetry ever written don't amount to s**t in the great scheme of things.

As I say, not all of his contributions are like that, and, little though there is, it is enough to show he is more than a lovesick schoolboy or an old maid.

Thanks indeed, though, for the links which I will follow up.

I have to go and adjust the lace cloth on the hallstand now...heavens - it's almost time for my poetry group! Where does the time go?

PS - I must correct the wrong impression I gave above that "they are all formalists to a man". It wopuld be more correct to say that the poems are almost all formal in tone, if not structure, and some of the better examples are indeed formal in the fullest sense. And of course they aren't all men

PPS "poetry ladies...of all genders"?

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