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Default Surrealist Games


I don't know if anyone is interested in surrealist games, but if you are, here are some to share, which might either be adapted to a zoom (like Mario's L.A.M.P) or to play in a different way.

The games are taken from Surrealist Games (Brotchie & Gooding, 1991). It's a child's book but the games are fun. It also has a beautifully crazy picture of Max Ernst and the famous one of Andre Breton insulting a priest in it, but let's stick to the games.

1. Definitions (or question and answer)

2. Directions for use (my favourite)

3. One into another

What do you think? They're out there now, winking at you, as quizzical as Magritte wearing a pith helmet and enticing as Peret's strange vest.

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