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David and Sarah,

Thanks for your comments. I'm glad you both liked it.


I'm calling it absurdism, but if someone does find a brilliant allegory though, I won't complain.


I've added the comma to S3, thanks for flagging that up.

With "meme" I'm thinking of a photograph with some text added. Specifically an image of Neverita with the words "I'd neverita" emblazoned across it. Are you saying that the use of the word "caption" suggests something other than this, or that the photo-with-text meme is so passť that it's no longer considered a meme as everything's animated these days?

Useful to know that moon-snail salad isn't working for you. I liked that he is a dish (dishy). Also I was working from Neverita's very sparse Wikipedia page and Golbaengi-muchim was pretty much the only thing mentioned -- and I liked the absurdity of it. The same-species thing didn't bother me. I mean, why shouldn't a snail salad and a live snail audition for the same role in a film, and the one that loses out get jealous?


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