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Unread 03-02-2021, 10:54 AM
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Matt, I like this. It is fun. I feel the narrator's identifying with Neverita Didymam, the bladder moon snail, and how the narrator transitions into the bottom feeder--all with a little gender identity questions tossed in. That is quite a bit of stuff but it works because of the lightness of tone and sharp satire of our super self-conscious time. It makes one think of the era we're in, where the avalanche of social media has created a world full of people afraid they will never be noticed, which only prompts them to work even harder to emerge out of the sludge and have people like them until they don't like them anymore and tragedy ensues. This is a strong satire of our time. I wish I had suggestions but anything I'd say would seem petty and irrelevant. I love the "grainy shell-less sex tape." If I had been drinking coffee I would have snorted it out when I read that. Naturally, it made me think of the Kardashians. Isn't there more than one of them with a sex tape that "accidentally" was leaked? Anyway, I like it quite a bit. Good one.

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