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I really like the question and answer/definition games. I'm trying to think about the logistics of how you could do that over Zoom, or even on a forum, since the question needs to be unseen when the answer is written.

Assuming a group of people on Zoom, I guess everyone could write one question and one unrelated* answer (both off-screen). Then given some pre-assigned order, person 1 could read their question, person 2 could read their answer and follow with a question for person 3 (to answer) and so on in a ring ... with the last person reading their question having it answered by person 1.

The "Conditionals" game could be played in the same way -- since it has the same structure: rather than questions and answers, one player chooses and "if" statement, and another independently and "blindly" chooses a "then" statement. (A couple of examples: "if/then" statements : “If there were no guillotine / Wasps would take off their corsets”; “If octopi wore bracelets / Ships would be towed by flies”)

(*I guess it would still work if everyone wrote a question and an answer to their own question -- ditto with if/then statements -- since the answers would be linked up with unrelated questions, but it would be a slightly different game)

Can't see an easy way to play these on a forum though.

"One into another" seems like it could be quite straightforward on Zoom. Banish the one player to a breakout room or trust them to switch off their audio ...

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