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Ann - I searched for threads, and found a fab crazy 'type two words' game, which was fun to read (thank-you).

Graham - Hello! I like your idea for turning this into something more metrical (since that is what your space here is about). It also makes potentially wrangling them into a forum-game easier. I'll have another think as I think it's possible - for example, if potential players identified themselves, then they could each be allocated a rhyming end-word through PM.

Matt! I agree with you that some of these are probably better suited to zoom. I think to play on a forum it'd again have to be people saying they were 'in' and then being allocated either Q or A, then a kind of interesting melange as everyone posted Q/A in whatever order they liked on the forum.

(My favourite is 'Directions for Use')

Thanks for thoughts everyone - I'll keep on thinking too.

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