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Originally Posted by Jane Crowson View Post
I'll have another think as I think it's possible - for example, if potential players identified themselves, then they could each be allocated a rhyming end-word through PM.
The cool thing about Graham's suggestion is the each person comes up with a question and answer that rhyme, so rhyme words wouldn't need allocating.

I guess to work on the forum you'd need your players to declare themselves in advance and not post anything until everyone had prepared their entries. Then you'd need a mapping: A posts their question, B posts their answer, C posts their question etc. or whatever

One possibility would be to do it in a round -- which works with both even and odd numbers of players: A posts their question; B posts their answer (as an answer to A's question), then posts their own question, C posts their answer (answering B) and post their question, and so on, with the last player's question being responded to by A.

Using Graham's examples, you'd get:

(A) What measure take, if time be dull?
(B) -Shake twice a lamb's tail, then a leg.

(B) How long is best to boil an egg?
(C) -I went and looked, then ran to hide.

(C) What's the weather like outside?
(D) -A dozen cops - perhaps a score.

(D) Who's that knocking at our door?
(A) -A visit to the Isle of Mull.

But I guess once you know how many people are in you can arrange them in any form you like.

In Graham's examples the question and answer each individual player comes up make sense together, but that's not a necessary constraint for the game.

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