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I have one in my files. Not sure, but I think this was in Light some years ago.


The day I tried on your brassiere you laughed.
"How about some pantyhose? A tampon?"
But soon, applying all the hard-earned craft
Of womanhood, you put your girlish stamp on
My clothes, my hair, the color of my cheeks,
And proudly cried, "My God! Youíre beautiful!
Now letís rehearse the way a woman speaks:
Higher octaves, dear, and lower decibels."

Emasculating? Slightly. I donít mind.
You have exquisite taste in lingerie.
And silk is smooth, however it might bind.
Besides, you grow so passionate with play

That soon enough Iím naked and can tender,
Undisguised, the trademark of my gender.
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