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The Passionate Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to his Love
(J. Edgar Hoover and his sidekick Clyde Tolson)

I am a scowling, bitter guy,
Director of the FBI;
But darling Clyde, I shall be true,
And love no other man but you.

I always wear my panty hose
And frilly bras beneath the clothes
Of the top G-man in the land;
Menís underwear is much too bland.

When I have put the crooks away
And leave my desk at end of day,
To take a break from fighting crime;
The nights with you are so sublime.

So, after we have wined and dined,
Our bodies intimately twined;
I promise, Clyde, that you and I
Will be together ítil we die.

(dredged up from my file of failed Spectator comp. entries)
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