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Qualis Thesea iacuit cedente carina
languida desertis Cnosia litoribus;
qualis et accubuit primo Cepheia somno
libera iam duris cotibus Andromede;
nec minus assiduis Edonis fessa choreis
qualis in herboso concidit Apidano:
talis visa mihi mollem spirare quietem
Cynthia non certis nixa caput manibus,
ebria cum multo traherem vestigia Baccho. . .

As Cnossian Ariadne lay languid on lonely shores
when Theseus’ ship was sailing away,
as Cepheus' daughter Andromeda lapsed into her first sleep
since she was freed from the hard stone,
even as the Edonian Bacchante lay, when she fell,
exhausted by dancing, on grassy Apidanus,
so Cynthia seemed to sleep, breathing gentle quiet,
supporting her head with slipping hands,
when I dragged in feet drunk with much Bacchus. . .

. . . . .

Victoria est mea, Hui!

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