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Hello, all. I have revised the first stanza at Matt’s suggestion. Here are two possible revisions to the final couple (I list the current couplet first):

Causes? Effects? What's the answer?
The sexless sex of a saurian dancer.

What cause? What effects? My only answer
is sexless sex and a saurian dancer.

What cause? What effects? My saurian dancer’s
sexless sex answers, answers.

Which do we prefer?

[I prefer the middle one and will go with that for now.]

John, Oh, X-files is a good association. Thank you. Weird, haunting—that’s what I want.

Mark, I am glad the music got you. As for the meaning, I hope it is in the dance that is poem and the poem that is the dance.

Matt, I have revised the opening stanza according to your specifications. Thank you for your comments. I have also, above, proposed possible revisions for the final lines.

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