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Hi Jim,

When I saw mention of the name 'Mary' referring to the Virgin Mary, I didn't get an association with the "Mary, Mary quite contrary" nursery rhyme that was strong enough for me to know in advance that I should mispronounce the word 'contrary'. No other word in the poem is mispronounced for the sake or rhyme or metre, so I had no expectation from that quarter either. Finally, if I say:

she queries new saints proof to the conTRARy

it changes the meaning of the sentence. Pronounced this way, "the conTRARy" are a group of people (a committee maybe?) to whom the factotum queries new the saints' proof.

I reckon anyone trying to read this poem for the first time will stumble here. And the change in meaning required to get the metre and rhyme in place means that it just doesn't work for me, even knowing your intention. Maybe it will for others.



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