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Are moons OK, too? Here is one about one of Saturn's many satellites.

My Digs on Distant Enceladus

With ample geothermal activity,
sparkling geysers, and waterways that flow
below a glaze of purest H2O,
Enceladus is the perfect place for me.

Throughout those rows of rage on Mercury,
during those catlike spats of spite on Venus,
even as a universe grew between us,
this speck of dust was waiting just for me.

Though much too far from the sun for vitamin D,
with monumental subterranean seas
and a balmy minus three hundred thirty degrees,
this moon’s the ideal hideaway for me.

One hundred gushing geysers feed the “E,”
the greatest of those radiant rings of Saturn
which fashion such a pleasurable pattern,
this is the quintessential moon for me.

I skate the grooves of Samarkand or ski
down Ali Baba and Aladdin, bounce
and bounce and bounce as though I weigh an ounce
here on this satellite so right for me.

Beneath the ice, an awesome panoply
of beings surely bathe. It must be so!
One way or another I will go
beneath the ice. Great exploits wait for me!

One that has risen, curled around my knee,
my house-trained and obedient caecilian
like magic turns from cyan to vermillion,
a blind and limbless thing quite fond of me.

This moon is much too minuscule to see,
although it gleams so loudly, I must wear
my sunglasses to tolerate the glare
peculiar to this rock just right for me,

a home away from home where I am free
to shiver like a chickadee from the dearth
of warmth on a dismal dot so far from Earth.
It’s how I like it. It’s the spot for me!

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