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Honestly, Gentlemen!

Michael, even though you are correct about the "one piece at a time rule" we have not really been so strict about it here due to the sleepy nature of this board. I do see your point, but it's for me to correct breaches of protocol. Give me a chance to see things before you whip out the sledgehammer, OK? If there's a problem I would prefer to speak with a person in private IM not publicly.

Ross, let's just take Michael's point into consideration for a minute. There is some validity to his point. This is a critical forum. What did you want critique on here? Not on each and every image, surely? I will be back to critique the video itself as a work and I won't be wearing kid gloves.

Now both of you - calling people "control freak" and "self-involved" is in violation of the ad hominem rule. This is entirely unacceptable and I won't stand for it.

I feel the best way to prevent the dreaded "vanity board" situation is to give brutally honest critiques. No one wants a vanity board. You can get that type of worthless feedback from your family. I ask everyone in the Art forum to give worthwhile critiques for the health of the board, please. That's how the poetry boards got to be so great and world class. This is also the best way to send the message "No smoochies here."

Cinema is an art form. Let's critique this as a single piece, a video. How are the Image, time, motion, sound, cuts, lighting, sequence, editing and composition? Is it engaging? Is it as engaging as all this fur flying?
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