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Admittedly Iím ignorant about the form. I think of the ovillejo as something out of Mexican cuisine, though I know Iíve seen them on the Sphere (notably, from Ralph). Itís an interesting form and I can see why youíd be drawn to it.

But having done this sort of thing with fixed forms myself, I donít think this one goes beyond a finger exercise in the form. Though of course thereís nothing wrong with that, itís just not the same thing as finding poetry that goes into it.

The wordplay is good and skill is evident. Thereís some nice back-and-forth between cosmic scale and homely scale, and the connections between them.

Iím just not getting much beyond that. The old ďAs above so below formulaĒ of the hermetic philosophers and alchemists also pointed out correspondences between microcosm and macrocosm, but they did it with a sense of ontological analogy that this lacks.

Sorry I canít be more positive, Martin, though I did enjoy the frisson of the language itself.

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