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Andrew, your virtue rises higher than your smoke. You seem oblivious to the fact that Harjo, like most of us, was educated in a tradition that includes a little Marx, a little Freud, a little Emerson/Thoreau, a little Jung. Whatever mythos she relies on in her poetry is not purely Nativist but a mixture of pain, nostalgia, personal grievance, and public success. I think poets end up finding a useful mythos they can build on. With Pound it was a crackpot economic theory; with Eliot a stultifying high churchism; with Whitman a sexualized transcendentalism; with Jeffers an apocalyptic certainty; with Rich a radical sexual politics. I won't even get into Yeats, but a lot of it was just plain silly (as some poet said). You seem consistent with many evangelicals who are hoping for an end-times soon, one in which they shall receive their just deserts for acting just like their friends. Whatever gets you through the day is fine with me, but I'm past converting to anything. Have you ever heard of "negative capability"? It's an idea that Keats had after he saw a really bad movie he thoroughly enjoyed.
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