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As I remotely watch the Australian fires engulf and consume chunks of territory, I am overwhelmed by my inability to fathom the tragedy taking place. Unable to imagine the ripple effect of it all. Unable to comprehend the magnitude of it, vis-a-vis the role climate change plays. I gasp at the thought of the animal life ravaged. My own soul feels on fire. Truthfully, I am helpless.
I have not the time nor money to appease my remorse. And it’s just not Australia. I weep for the world. I go about my day. I laugh. I consider the little things that are right and good around me. I keep my doors and windows open. Yet under it all the gloom forbids my heart light, my soul to soar like it should. So be it.

I’ve been tracking the fires on Google Earth and found myself at times becoming/sidetracked by the beauty of the photographs posted of the natural landscape, now under siege. My heart.
To you Cally, Jan, and all those in distress, bless you.

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