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Unread 11-03-2018, 11:52 AM
David Rosenthal David Rosenthal is offline
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Here's two from Margo Price:


I went down to the county jail
And turned myself in
Spending all my weekends here
Far from my good-timing friends
Things just went from bad to worse
But I don't know when
The only thing I know for sure
Is I ain't going back again

They took me down to cellblock B
After stripping off my clothes
Put me in a monkey suit
And threw me in the throes
Like a rat in a maze
A cow in the herd
Or a sparrow with a broken wing
Now I know the reason why
The caged bird has to sing

'Cause I'm just a weekender
In the Davidson County Jail
And my old man, he ain't got the cash
To even go my bail
Should have listened to my mama
And quit my life of sin
Before I went backsliding again

This bed is hard and the room is cold
And my cellmate's got a cough
She takes her meds and sleeps all day
Got six more weeks til she's off
She said she beat her boyfriend up
While high on crack cocaine
And now she sits and watches
Her life go down the drain

'Cause she's just a weekender
In the Davidson County Jail
Her old man ain't got the cash
To even go her bail
She should have listened to her mama
And quit her life of sin
Before she went backsliding again

Walk into some other room
They tried to make me eat
Red-dyed gravy, cardboard bread
And something that looked like meat
One tough girl from cellblock C
Picked a fight with the man at the desk
Mighty soon was sent back to her room
And I bet you know the rest

'Cause we're all just weekenders
In the Davidson County Jail
My old man ain't got the cash
To even call my bail
Should have listened to the good Lord
Maybe quit my life of sin

Before I went backsliding again
Before I went backsliding again


I woke up from a movie I immediately forgot
Got a heartache on the bottom and a headache on the top
The part of me that hurts the worst is the one that just can't spot
And it's all American made

Well, everywhere I go, somebody puts me in the dirt
And everything I say, somebody says they said it first
But I don't need ten million, baby, just give me one that works
It's all American made

Well, all the Midwest farms are turning into plastic homes
And my uncle started drinking when the bank denied the loan
But now it's liver failure and his mad cows being cloned
And it's all American made

Well I have been all over but I can't help feelin' stuck
Something in my bloodline or something in my gut
Says go to California in a rusty pickup truck
That's all American made

1987 and I didn't know it then
Reagan was selling weapons to the leaders of Iran
But it won't be the first time, baby, and it won't be the end
They were all American made

But I just a child, unaware of the effects
Raised on sports and Jesus and all the usual suspects
So tell me, Mr. Petty, what do you think will happen next?
It's all American made

And I wonder if the President gets much sleep at night
And if the folks on welfare are making it all right
But I'm dreaming of that highway, baby, that stretches out of sight
It's all American made
It's all American made
It's all American made
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Unread 11-30-2018, 05:39 PM
Allen Tice Allen Tice is offline
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Brooklyn, NY USA
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Default Gordon Lightfoot, who he?

I’ve just discovered Gordon Lightfoot, who is 80 and still touring in Ontario. He’s acoustic and electric “folk”, and has written more songs than anybody, especially Bob Dylan. I’m looking at his lyrics now and then. I fear Lightfoot’s own Nobel Prize sank in Hudson Bay.

Gordon Lightfoot lyrics, alphabetical:

2019 tour schedule:

A link to a goofy very short bio:

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