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Old 02-12-2018, 08:02 PM
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Default The Narcissist, a brief sketch

An ape squatted before Charles. And Charles found himself staring at this creature and wondering why evolution had left these poor primates behind. He looked at Huxley—the ape before him—and thought, “Perhaps he might have been my uncle. He and Uncle Gordy had so many points of comparison, the mammoth nostrils, the hairy arms, the ears lost somewhere along a massive skull. They both grunt and pound their chests.” He remembered having seen, as he had passed the chimpanzees, a plaque that read: “Pay more attention to the similarities between humans and apes. These primates are the ancestors of homo sapiens. It is generally concluded that humans are merely developed anthropoid.”

The ape, Charles wondered, is so much like man. In a way, he thought, he is art. This beast stands like a mirror to man. The coincidental comparisons between man and ape, and even art, are striking. There are three letters that make up art and ape, just as there are three letters that make up man. And this mystified him more. The logic astounded. He might have even called it awesome, but Charles had grown to dislike that word for no other reason than it was often used by his rather barbaric younger brother, whose insights into even the most drab of things, such as grass types and glass shards, often pinnacled in one of two words “cute” or “awesome.” Nevertheless, this new-realized commonality pointed him in the direction of a tidy logical syllogism: ape is a three-letter word, art is a three-lettered word, and man is a three-lettered word, and all contain a’s. Therefore, art, ape and man must not be too different from one another.

The ape rose and shuffled away on his knuckles. As Charles continued to ponder the primate, he felt that he was staring into a mirror or rather a picture of himself and perhaps even all man. As that thought began to waft about his mind, his nose caught a pungent odor. Behind stood Charles staring down into a pile of steaming crap.
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