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Unread 01-19-2021, 08:07 AM
Jack Land Jack Land is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2020
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Default Worst case scenarios

Worst case scenarios
Loathsome necessities
Overwhelming struggles
Insurmountable obstacles
Prescription painkillers
Lengthening shadows
Unpleasant surprises
Ruinous difficulties
Multiple diagnoses
Stopgap measures
Insoluble problems
Wrenching changes
Crippling disparities
Rampant inequalities
Invidious comparisons
Needless complications
Contradictory assertions
Common misconceptions
Unimaginable proportions
Sweeping generalizations
Subterranean rumblings
Legitimate grievances
Lengthy explanations
Baseless allegations
Dubious assertions
Educated guesses
Transparent lies
Pale imitations
Subpar results
No guarantees
Opinions differ
Lessons learned
Indefinite delays
Isolated incidents
Lost opportunities
Perverse incentives
Stringent limitations
Dwindling resources
Diminishing returns
Escalating tensions
Verbal gymnastics
Systematic abuses
Veiled references
Recurrent crises
Harsh realities
Untold hours
Mea culpas
The basics
Sakes alive
Lurid details
Mock heroics
Wild gyrations
Rare exceptions
Second thoughts
Lingering doubts
Ominous silences
Gnomic utterances
Sobering reminders
Troubling questions
Restrictive covenants
Ignominious moments
Pre-existing conditions
Bothersome restrictions
Burdensome regulations
Non-negotiable demands
Irreconcilable differences
Worrisome developments
Mysterious circumstances
Of unknown whereabouts
Disastrous consequences
Unpredictable outcomes
Unfulfillable promises
Preconceived notions
Continuing inquiries
Anonymous sources
Conflicting signals
Emphatic denials
Mixed messages
Nixon’s crimes
Core anxieties
Divisive issues
Hidden agendas
Ulterior motives
Malign influences
Incendiary remarks
Competing interests
Extraordinary lengths
Elaborate preparations
Serious repercussions
Scathing indictments
Despite appearances
Deleterious effects
Disparate impacts
Record numbers
Opening salvos
Arms akimbo
Prying eyes
Vast tracts
Deep rifts
Dire straits
Yoked oxen
Rarefied airs
Shifting sands
Desolate wastes
Shadowy corners
Significant inroads
Nefarious purposes
Laborious processes
Crowning indignities
Bewildering varieties
Nagging insecurities
Missing ingredients
Various enormities
Flagrant violations
Vicarious delights
Punitive damages
Proximate causes
Sudden reversals
Abject apologies
Potential pitfalls
Thankless tasks
At loggerheads
On tenterhooks
Salacious tidbits
Malicious rumors
Unavoidable errors
Napoleonic hunches
The many unknowns
Unpalatable choices
Yearslong conflicts
Certain individuals
No uncertain terms
Unread 01-19-2021, 08:20 AM
Jim Moonan Jim Moonan is online now
Join Date: Aug 2016
Location: Boston, MA
Posts: 2,892

Not certain how to reply to this, though I like it. I like the shape of it. I like the exhaustive list. I love the final line.
I wonder if it should be titled "Worst Case Scenario" (singular) to imply that it is the aggregate that presents a worst case scenario vs. each individual line.
Or perhaps a different title altogether.

... But what is the "drill" you are proposing with this? How am I to respond? Above is a critique, but that's not really what this board is all about, I don't think.
Unread 01-19-2021, 08:30 AM
Roger Slater Roger Slater is online now
Join Date: Jun 2001
Location: New York
Posts: 15,339

It's sort of cool in a way, but I really couldn't bring myself to read it straight through. Letting my eye wander over it, though, wasn't entirely unpleasant. It's sort of like a conceptual art piece.
Unread 01-19-2021, 10:00 AM
Jayne Osborn's Avatar
Jayne Osborn Jayne Osborn is offline
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This is not a Drills & Amusements thread in the usual sense, where members are invited to chip in to amuse one another on the same topic.

But more importantly, you haven't posted a single critique of anyone else's work since you joined Eratosphere, and you have deleted 4 of the 9 posts you've made. From the Guidelines: You can edit your own posts. If you need a post deleted (e.g. a double post), please PM a Moderator.

You're required to post a minimum of 15 "substantive" critiques before you may post your own work, so I am locking this thread until you've done so. It just looks as if you are trying to cut corners here!

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