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Unread 05-06-2019, 06:08 PM
Aaron Poochigian Aaron Poochigian is offline
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Default Tio Tio Tio Tio Tinx

Chorus of Birds:

Rustic Muse of varied note,
I sing with you on mountain summits and in groves:
Tio tio tio tio tinx.
I pour out of my vibrant throat
music for Pan from the ash-tree leaves.
Tio tio tio tio tinx.
With mighty choirs I sing a harmony
in praise of Mountain Mother Cybele.
To to to to to to to to to tinx.
Thence beelike Phrynichus
sips ambrosial melodies;
thatís why he can emit
song so sweet:
Tio tio tio tio tinx.

Thus do the swans, while gathered on
the Hebrus Riverís banks, sing Phoebus serenades:
Tio tio tio tio tinx.
They beat their wings in unison.
Their music shoots beyond the clouds.
Tio tio tio tio tinx.
They rouse the various tribes of animals.
The waves go tranquil as the clear wind falls.
To to to to to to to to to tinx.
Olympus echoes the tune;
amazement grips the pantheon.
The Graces and Muses repeat
each cheerful note:
Tio tio tio tio tinx.

Translation, by Eugene OíNeill, Jr.


Oh, rustic Muse of such varied note, tiotiotiotiotiotinx, I sing with you [740] in the groves and on the mountain tops, tiotiotiotinx. I poured forth sacred strains from my golden throat [745] in honor of the god Pan, tiotiotiotinx, from the top of the thickly leaved ash, and my voice mingles with the mighty choirs who extol Cybele on the mountain tops, totototototototototinx. 'Tis to our concerts that Phrynichus comes to pillage like a bee the ambrosia of his songs, [750] the sweetness of which so charms the ear, tiotiotiotinx.

So the swans on the banks of the Hebrus, [770] tiotiotiotiotiotinx, mingle their voices to serenade Apollo, tiotiotiotinx, flapping their wings the while, [775] tiotiotiotinx; their notes reach beyond the clouds of heaven; they startle the various tribes of the beasts; a windless sky calms the waves, totototototototototinx; [780] all Olympus resounds, and astonishment seizes its rulers; the Olympian graces and Muses cry aloud the strain, tiotiotiotinx.

Greek Text: 7


Μοῦσα λοχμαία,
τιὸ τιὸ τιὸ τιὸ τιὸ τιὸ τιοτίγξ,
ποικίλη, μεθ᾽ ἧς ἐγὼ
740νάπαισι καὶ κορυφαῖς ἐν ὀρείαις,
τιὸ τιὸ τιὸ τιοτίγξ,
ἱζόμενος μελίας ἐπὶ φυλλοκόμου,
τιὸ τιὸ τιὸ τιοτίγξ,
δι᾽ ἐμῆς γένυος ξουθῆς μελέων
745Πανὶ νόμους ἱεροὺς ἀναφαίνω
σεμνά τε μητρὶ χορεύματ᾽ ὀρείᾳ,
ἔνθεν ὡστερεὶ μέλιττα
Φρύνιχος ἀμβροσίων μελέων ἀπεβόσκετο καρπὸν ἀεὶ
750φέρων γλυκεῖαν ᾠδάν.
τιὸ τιὸ τιὸ τιοτίγξ.

τοιάδε κύκνοι,
770τιὸ τιὸ τιὰ τιὸ τιὸ τιοτίγξ,
συμμιγῆ βοὴν ὁμοῦ
πτεροῖς κρέκοντες ἴακχον Ἀπόλλω,
τιὸ τιὸ τιὸ τιοτίγξ,
ὄχθῳ ἐφεζόμενοι παρ᾽ Ἕβρον ποταμόν,
775τιὸ τιὸ τιὸ τιοτίγξ,
διὰ δ᾽ αἰθέριον νέφος ἦλθε βοά:
πτῆξε δὲ φῦλά τε ποικίλα θηρῶν,
κύματά τ᾽ ἔσβεσε νήνεμος αἴθρη,
780πᾶς δ᾽ ἐπεκτύπησ᾽ Ὄλυμπος:
εἷλε δὲ θάμβος ἄνακτας: Ὀλυμπιάδες δὲ μέλος Χάριτες
Μοῦσαί τ᾽ ἐπωλόλυξαν.
τιὸ τιὸ τιὸ τιοτίγξ.
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Unread 05-07-2019, 12:37 AM
Julie Steiner's Avatar
Julie Steiner Julie Steiner is offline
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Will the actors be provided with vuvuzelas?

I wish your rhymes were a bit more perfect, and the first two lines of the antistrophe might be reworked so that you don't have to rhyme on a preposition and change Apollo's name, but on the whole, I think it works well.

Weird alpha typo in 770 of the Greek--glad you ignored it.
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