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Old 11-08-2017, 12:53 PM
Jim Moonan Jim Moonan is offline
Join Date: Aug 2016
Location: Boston, MA
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Excuse me for gawking; this thread is like an endless evening fire. I consider it to be the Sphere's gift to me. Not only for the poetry shared but also for the exchanges and comments of those posting. So much of my life has been spent lazily, being attracted to only the shiniest objects and being sated by cliché... Blah.

But this thread is the key to the door I didn't know I was searching for.
These pages, all of them, are beautiful as meadows.
These posts, all of them, (though I haven't yet read them all) are the beauty within the beauty of those meadows.
And this contraption I'm typing on is a window wide open to that meadow that I, as much as I can find time to, climb through and bask in the preciousness of the offerings here.
Though some of my thoughts here are expressed in cliché (there's nothing inherently wrong with cliché mind you) this thread is strong medicine to combat that.

Had I found this place long ago, I would be a different person.

Disclaimer: I am prone to effusiveness and hyperbole, but I don’t think this time.
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Old 11-08-2017, 02:08 PM
Aaron Novick's Avatar
Aaron Novick Aaron Novick is offline
Join Date: Sep 2016
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Posts: 792

Originally Posted by Michael Ferris View Post
Pound did wind up having a great ear, but dear Lord, his diction is fusty in that piece! But he is comprehensible and I don’t argue with the sentiments. Sack-stains half thy screed discloses, / Th' other half doth hold the morn is quite marvelous, despite being fusty.
Completely agree that he's fusty there, as he is pretty unrelentingly in the early stuff. I just think that's the one piece where he harnessed it well. Would the poem be better if he had done the same thing without the fustiness? Probably. But it's still a solid poem.

(Not that you're necessarily disagreeing)
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Old 11-08-2017, 05:18 PM
Michael Ferris's Avatar
Michael Ferris Michael Ferris is offline
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Kingston, NY and San Francisco, CA
Posts: 719

Oh, that's a good point, Aaron. Would I like the poem better if the diction were less fusty? Hmmm. I'd have to see the new poem. As it is, I do think conceptually it's a sharp, concise assessment of WS, and I really like the last two lines (and particularly the last).
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Old 11-09-2017, 01:22 PM
James Brancheau James Brancheau is offline
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: *
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Not exactly hidden, but the first paragraph (especially the first paragraph) of Araby is gorgeous. In particular, "conscious of decent lives within them."
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